Equipements de production d'analyse et de contrôle pour les Biotechnologies CellD Equipments for production control and measurements for Biotechnologies



Bioclimatic – that means competence and experience in the area of high quality air purification and degermination systems since 1977.

The main objective of our research and development activities is permanently to improve the air conditions.

The result is todays range of German made quality products, offering the right sollutions for your application.

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  • Technical documentation „Air purification systems”
  • Product-specific advertising material
  • Individual consultation, test systems

Numerous Applications in these following various fields :

Dairy and cheese industry
Plants, Flowers storage
Collection Sites and reprocessing of Waste Compactors
Animal Food production Industry
Printing Factories
Metal Processing
Paints and varnishes Manufactures
Industrial Catering
Waste Water Treatment

Génie Climatique Purificateurs d'air par ionisation pour rejets gazeux et air intérieur dans usines et industries

Trials for the treatment of air ionization and achievements in the industry


Le traitement des rejets industriels avec les équipements PHOENIX (Liste non exhaustive)


Applications in Industrial Fields



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