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611 Bubble detector /

The Model 611 bubble detector is used with a Model AF13 sensor for the detection of bubbles in process liquids.

  • Measures and displays light transmittance from 0-100%
  • 4-20mA current output
  • Adjustable bubble sensitivity
  • Can detect the difference in absorbance between water and organic solvents
  • Four alarm relays
    Lamp fail
    Air/bubbles alarm
    Empty pipe or cell alarm
    Liquid phase absorbance set-point alarm
  • Front panel alarm LED's selectable for illuminationabove or below set-point
  • Ideally suited for biopharmaceutical applications
  • Type 4 DIN plug in unit 3U x 14HP x 160mm deep (2.8"W x 5.1"H x 6.7"D) conserves space and simplifies mounting



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