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Bioréacteurs à usage unique de Cercell

CerCell 's single-use Bioreactors

CerCell's single-use Bioreactors, Fermenters and Cytocultors designed for Batch, Fedbatch and perfused Culture and Fermentation.

Bioreactors are delivered high precision E-beam irradiated dual polyester foil bags.

The CerCell's BactoVessel is the first single-use Fermenter, fitted with a powerful Magnetic-Stirrer table able to be agitated till a maximum speed of 1600 RPM.

CellVessel 23 Range : simple and low-cost single-use STR for the ordinary cultivation application, cytocultors from 250ml to 15 000ml, especially designed for cell culture in batch and fedbatch. Magnetic coupling, simple turbine type pitch-blade.

CellVessel 21 Range of cytocultors from 250ml to 15 000 ml, especially designed for cell culture in batch and fedbatch. Magnetic coupling, advanced pitch-blade turbine type with internal baffle for an efficient non-shear agitation.

CellCore Range of cytocultors developped for very high density perfusion (150 10Mio C/ml) without gradient but with a very high rate of viability.

CellTumbler range are affordable rocking device supporting the well known cell culture wave bags, temperature-controlled and stackable.

CerCell Single-use Cytocultors and Fermenters
Fermenteurs et cytoculteurs à usage unique de CerCell
CellVessel 21
Bioreacteur extrapolables à usage unique Cercell
CellVessel 23
Cytoculteur CellVessel 21 à usage unique
BactoVessel 25
Cytoculteur CellVessel 25 à usage unique
CellCore 30
Cytoculteur CellCore 30 à usage unique
CellTumbler 50
Armoire CellTumbler 50 de CerCell
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Prix des bioréacteurs à usage unique Cercell
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