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All our sensors can be used in ATEX zone with zena-barrier safety, the controller must be installed away from the dangerous zone.

DiFoam Range for use with non-conducing foams and liquids /



Charis Technology have developed the DiFoam product range to measure and control non-aqueous foams and liquids such as oils, resins and solvents etc. This product differs from our SureSense range as it uses a technology which is sensitive to the dielectric constant of the medium under test.

The DiFoam sensors are individually tailored for the application as some materials are more difficult to measure and require a longer sensing area. DiFoam sensors can be used to measure difficult materials and to control the level with an interface to a Charis Foam Controller or your own process controller. All DiFoam systems use our unique IMASensing® technology which enables them to continue to operate even when fouled.

Applications using the DiFoam system include Resin foam control such as yacht varnish, Hydrocarbon foam control, Solvent foam control, and level controls in oils and fats such as cocoa butter.

FCS2 Model

Simple, reliable, Foam detection without false positive signal, NEP, SEP ATEX.



The DiFoam Range by Charis for applications in non-conducing liquids and foams
The DiFoam Range
Gamme capteurs et controleur DiFoam pour matériaux non conducteurs
The DiFoam Range for use with non-conducing liquids or foams
Foam Detection with Charis Technology Systems even with severe fouling of the probe


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