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MultiSense : for the Measurement and the Control of both Liquid and Foam Level simultaneously.

Présentation MultiSense /

The Charis Technology Multisense system is designed for both foam and liquid level measurement and control.
The MultiSense is a new type of level sensor which uses an array of small sensors built into one body. Each sensor act as a separate micro-sensor which is used to measure the material adjacent to it.



This allows very high accuracy and enables a number of separate parameters to be measured at the same time such as :

  • the Liquid Level
  • the interfaces between phases in the material
  • the conductivity
  • the Foam detection
  • the Foam density

Recommanded for the following applications :

  • Bioreactor Level ControlWater treatment Level Control
  • Foam Level Sensing with Varying Liquid Level
  • Accurate liquid Level with Foam
  • Automatic Batch Control
  • Level Control for changing material density
  • Level Control for changing Conductivity and Temperature

A  version of  MultiSense  is available specifically to measure the height of foam


The system comprises a sensor and a controller. The sensor is entered into the material being measured e.g. a fermenter or mixing vessel and is connected to the controller by special cables.
The size of the micro sensors is optimised for each application  and  can be  selected to give the best resolution where required for the sensor, depending on the particular application.
The system makes use of Charis proprietary IMA sensing technology (clik on) to give fouling immunity and high precision.  There are versions available for liquid only, foam only and liquid and foam tohether The level control  can manage the generation of foam to prevent overflows. Foam is controlled by means of a separate output to a pump or process adjustment carried out.
FDA approved materials are used in the construction.

Enclosure dimensions : Wall mounting 260 width x 215 depth x 230 height mm with option for panel mounted display to fit 80 x 80mm cut out.

MultiSense for measurement and control for both Liquid and Foam Level
MultiSense Charie capteur pour contrôle de niveau liquide et de mousse simultanné
Efficacité des capteurs anti-mousse Charis même en cas d'encrassement sévère


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