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Hollow Fiber Membrane for Process Filtration

Spectrum combines the advantages of hollow fiber membrane geometry with the greater efficiency of Tangential Flow Filtration to offer the best disposable microfiltration and ultrafiltration products on the market.

Holow Fiber (HF) membranes offer the efficiency of uniform flow through the lumen without product loss and build up because there are no "corners".

Furthermore, this flow-path uniformity within the fiber lumen as well as amongst all the fibers in the filter module allows TFF to be easily scalable from R&D to Manufacturing.


Hollow Fiber geometry provides the advantageof really increasing membrane surface area while maintaining smaller and easier to install membrane modules.

Parameters Hollow Fibers Flat Sheets
Geometry Narrow tubes Broad Sheets
Module Configuration Bundled Stacked or spiral
Relative Surface Area Large Small
Relative Module Size Small Large
Flow-path Uniform Non-uniform
Scalability Direct Not direct


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