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KrosFlo® Pilot System /

Spectrum's Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) easily and directly scales up for the pilot production of large volume applications. The hollow fiber geometry of KrosFlo® modules allows you to simply factor up the membrane surface area, the circulation rate and the filtration rate established in process development, by the same factor, while maintaining the operating pressures and the overall process time.

Combined with the disposability of Spectrum's membranes for easy validation, the KrosFlo® Pilot System is ideal for diagnostic and biopharmaceutical pilot production.




Major Components
50 LPM Lobe Type Pump w / reversible Switch
Two Autoclavable Pressure Gauges
Process Reservoir (5 L)
Stainless Steel Piping Flow-path
Process Volume
3 L - 100 L
Filtrate Rate
20 - 1000 LPH (depends on application and MWCO)
Process Time
30 min - 6 hrs



  • The KrosFlo® pilot system with its ingenious carting design and 50 LPM pump, has the unique ability to process volumes ranging from 3 to 1000 L and then easily be stored out of the way.

  • Mobile to be shared amongst several labs

  • Manufactured under cGMP and ISO 9001 : 2000 certification

  • Comes complete with : a reversible lobe-type pump, rate control, manual shut-off, 5-liter process reservoir, inlet/outlet pressure gauges, shut-off ball valve and SS spool adapters for 1x and 2x length modules

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