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Filtration de milieux

Filtres de stérilisation et de clarification pour milieux de culture ou solution tampons

MediaKap and MediaKap Plus HF Filters
Sterile filtration of culture Medium w / Serum

While MediaKap Hollow Fiber Filters are designed to efficiency sterilize and clarify culture medium or buffer solution by means of 0,2µm DynaFibre membrane, MediaKap Plus Filter utilize and advanced Dynafibre membrane that further increases filtration efficiency and dramatically reduces the time required to filter serum-enriched medium. Both can be operated by gravity or under pressure by a peristaltic pump or pressure vessel.

Available in 5 sizes that filter the designated volume : 2, 5, 10, 25, or 50L in 15-20 min
Available with the option of a filling bell that protects the sterile filling environment and reduces the risk of contamination

Product Specifications

  • 2 Filter types : MediaKap and MediaKap Plus
  • 5 volume sizes
  • Pore rating : 0,2µm
  • Membrane SA : refer to Ordering Information on the brochure
  • Inlet/Outlet Conn : refer to the Ordering Information on the brochure
  • Packaging : Irradiated
Sample and Media Filtration - Filtres et échantillons pour filtration clarification de milieux par Spectrum


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