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Sample Filtration

Filtres embouts de seringue de Spectrum

DynaGard Syringe Tip HF Filters
Efficient Filtration on the tip of a syringe

Uniquely designed to maximize surface area, DynaGard Filters feature 0,2µm, sterilizing grade, looped hollow fiber membrane (DynaFibre) for increased flux. the narrow housing minimizes hold-up volume and enables easy aspiration and dispensing in ampules, test tubes and other small vessels. Compared to flat sheet disk filters, the Dynagard can gently and efficiently filter higher viscous solutions.

Dynagard Features

  • Narrow tip allows easyaccess to conical tubes and ampules
  • USP Class VI approved with very low extractables
  • Gentle separation with very low hold up volumes

Media and samples Filtration - Filtres et échantillons pour filtration clarification de milieux par Spectrum

New ! Spectra/Por® Tube-A-Lyzer® : dynamic Dialysis device


Module fibres creuses Spectrum Labs
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