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Filtration systems designed by Spectrum Labs are based on Tangential Flow Filtration Technique.

Traditional sieve (or dead-end) filtrations consist of forcing a solution containing suspended solids directly through the membrane structure.  Solids retained by the membrane collect on the surface of the membrane media, continually reducing the permeation rate and eventually plugging the device. 

Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) is an efficient way to separate streams that would become quickly plugged if processed by dead-ended techniques.  When using tangential flow techniques, most of the process fluid flows along the membrane surface rather than passing through the membrane structure.  Fluid is pumped at a relatively high velocity parallel to the membrane surface.  Except for water treatment applications, only a small percentage of the tangential flow along the membrane surface ends up as permeate.  In most cell and particle separations, for example, only 1% to 5% of the inlet flow to the membrane device becomes permeate.  The remaining 95% to 99% exits the membrane device as “retentate”.  The retentate is recirculated back to the process reservoir and the module inlet such that another 1% to 5% can be removed as permeate.  This recirculation process continues in rapid succession generating a significant and continuous permeation rate. 

Krosflo Research II TFF System /

The KrosFlo Research II TFF System is ideal for performing and monitoring the filtration of R&D scale volumes. Ideal for characterizing a separation or maintaining a validated process, this system combines filtration surveillance with flexibility for a multitude of UF & MF applications. Operated by a 2,3 LPM peristaltic pump, the disposable KrosFlo hollow fiber module quickly and efficiently filters while the disposable flow-path minimizes hold-up volume. The system features the KrosFlo Digital Pressure Monitor that reads & displays process pressures with alarms that can shut-off the pump under high or low pressure conditions.

This UL and CE certified system is great for validated processes and protecting valuable samples! The monitor also interfaces with a PC to record all process data into the included KF Comm data collection software. Let the KrosFlo Research II TFF System efficiently filter while protecting your sample.

3 Disposable Flow-Path Types

The entire process flow path which includes pump tubing, connections and 2 reservoirs can be discarded after use along with the disposable HF module. No cleaning, sanitizing or cross-contamination makes validation much easier ! There are three system types available depending on your processing volume.

KF Comm Data Collection Software

Interfaces with a computer to download real-time operating pressures, calculated TMP, pump rate, date and triggered alarm points into the specially designed Excel® format software for easy collecting & graphing of process data. Measured flux rates can be manually entered along with the streaming data feed.


Flow-path Type
Process Volume
Process Bottle
Feed Bottle
Min. Hold up
Tubing Size
Flow Rate
Up to 60 ml
15 ml
60 ml
5 ml
Size 14 (1/16" ID)*
Up to 130 ml/min
Up to 500 ml
125 ml
500 ml
20 ml
Size 16 (1/8" ID)*
Up to 480 ml/min
MiniKros® SamplerPlus
Up to 10 L
500 ml
70 ml
Size 17 (1/4" ID)**
Up to 1,7L / min


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