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Réfractomètre 326 de LSC avec affichage local et accès Ethernet pour mesure de réfractométrie locales et à distance

The LSC 326 refractometer : New

The 326 combines the best features of our two popular systems and incorporates many modern aspects. It offers our customers the unique ability to control our refractometers both locally and remotely. This feature alone will revolutionize the way customers interact with the refractometer by giving technicians the flexibility of set-up, calibrate and perform maintenance on the refractometer locally while providing a direct link to all of the refractometer's information from any location within the plant's intranet network via an Ethernet connection. the following characteristics are also included in the 326 Refractometer :

Caractéristiques techniques

  1. Incorporates an optional 8.4" user friendly touch screen interface
  2. Optional customer defined password protection allows limited access to key calibration settings and diagnostic functions
  3. All adjustments and calibrations are done digitally via the display or through your computer connection
  4. Simple multi-application programming
  5. Ability to "linearize" to process characteristics
  6. Automatic & improved "smart wash" prism wash technology
  7. Ectensive internal self diagnostics
  8. Software based instruction manual
  9. USB port to import and export files, such as History, event and plots
  10. Change calibration files simply by opening a file just as you would on a computer
  11. Fully compatible with model 614 and 326 sensing heads and insertion probes
  12. In a NEMA4 rated cabinet.


Input Power Requirements from 85 to 260 Vac, < 25 watts
Refractive Index Range 1300 - 16000 or 0-100
Span (calibration) R1 0,0015 / 0,2000
BRIX 1.0 / 100.0
SOLIDS 1% / 100%
Accuracy +/- 0.5% of selected span range
Repeatability 0,1% of concentration
Speed and Response Intantanneous
Electronic Enclosure NEMA4 - Temp = 50°C
temperature Compensation Automatic
Process Line Pressure Up to 1000PSIG (68 Bar)
Process Measurement Output 4-20mA, 0-10 VDC and Ethernet
Process Temperature Output 0-10 VDC and Ethernet
Process Temperature Range -25°C / 150°C
Communication Port
Diagnostic Port
Ethernet / USB
Sensing head 316 SS or 2205 Duplex
Sensing Window Sapphire Prism
Interconnecting Cable Part # 160706 : Any length up to 1625 FT or 500 meters


Model 1022
Range of Industrial Refractometers by LSC
Model 326
Industrial Rfractometers by LSC for sugar industry and beverage and food
Range of industrial Refractometers for food and beverage and sugar industry


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