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Mesure de paramètres biochimiques avec le Cubian d'Optocell
Mesures de paramètres biochimiques CuBian XC d'Optocell
Biochemistry Parameters Control with the CuBian XC System / Presentation
  • A compact version of a benchtop, random access biochemistry analyser, based on the photometric measurement principle
  • A broad range of interesting substances can be detected including substrates, metabolites and products
    Kinectic and end point determination of assays are possible
  • Due to the stability of the photometric assays, recalibration is necessary only from lot to lot of the selected test method
  • Barcode detection of reagents and samples ensures a safe and traceable handling of the analysis results
  • Reagent kits for the detection of ammonia, glucose, lactate, glutamine (in presence of glutamate), human IgG, LDH, inorganic phosphate, Na+, K+, and CL- currently available


  • Delivers a semi-automated platform technology that guarantees highly reproducible results due to its membrane-free measurement principle
  • Robustness and stability
  • High throughput
  • Traceability
  • Workstation consolidation
  • Improves laboratory workflow
  • Replaces most tests performed on nephelometer
  • Minimizes referral testing

Technical Specifications

Highly reproducible test results with the membrane-free technology
Up to 90 tests/hour
Automatic rerun programm while out of range

20 bottles (20ml or 50ml) stored in the unit and cooled by Peltier element Reagent consumption monitored
Optional external Reagent barcode reader

2 - 35µl sample volume
LIS Capability
In compliance with Westguards rules
Dimensions 620mm (W) x 666mm (D) x 577mm


Cubian XC pour analyse de paramètres biochimiques
Métabolites et parametres biochimiques avec Optocell





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