Equipements de production d'analyse et de contrôle pour les Biotechnologies CellD Equipments for production control and measurements for Biotechnologies





  • Gentle separation / perfusion system providing separation forces up to 320g. Two systems are available :

    • Centritech® Lab III
    • Centritech® Cell II


    • Gentle cell handling coupled with removal of dead cells, offering higher viability and productivity
    • Closed system with pre-sterilized disposal inserts
    • Eliminated need for CIP / SIP
    • Automated continuous separation
    • Ergonomic design suited to modern laboratory envionments
    • Full scalability for perfusion bioreactors (5-3000 liters) or cell harvest (5-600 liters)

Centritech Cell II /

The Centritech Cell II separation system is a continuous flow centrifuge for mammalian and insect cell processing. It is designed to concentrate cells and clarify media for purposes such as cell harvesting, cell recycling in perfusion, systems and cell washing (separating live cells from dead cells and debris).

Like the smaller bench top model, the Lab III, this system uses a gentle separation process. Fluid from a bioreactor is pumped prersitaltically into the Cell II system, which gently separates viable cells, dead cells, cell debris and clarified liquid. In a perfusion system, live cells can then be recycled automatically back into the bioreactor, resulting in increased biomass density and product yield.


Centritech Cell 2 pour séparation centrifugation pour cellules sensibles au cisaillement
Système perfusion Centritech documentation


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