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Centritech Lab III /

The Pneumatic Scale Centritech® Lab III separation technology improves the fundamental steps of cell culture :

  • Recycling cells for perfusion bioreactors
  • Harvesting cells
  • Classifying and washing cells

Separation takes place in a presterilized insert. Once the insert is installed and tubing connected using aseptic technique or sterile welding, the system is closed, offering a high degree of aseptic reliability whithout the need for CIP or SIP.
In the Lab III System, the cell suspension is fed into an inlet at the top of one end of the insert and the cells are centrifugally separated from the media. Clarified supernatant exits from an outlet at the top of the other end and cell concentrate is discharged from an outlet at the bottom of the insert.


Processes developed at the research or pilot scale on the Lab III system are convertible to the Centritech Cell II system, the larger floor model, making scale-up from pilot to full production very easy.


Système de perfusion sans cisaillement, séparation en culture cellulaire
Séparation centrifugation pour cellules sensibles au cisaillement Centritech Lab 3 PneaumaticScale
Système perfusion Centritech documentation


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