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Powerfuge P18 /

Provides continuous-flow two-phase separation of solids and liquids at rates up to 1700 liters / hour for batches up to 10 000 liters.

Product Overview

Using an inovative design, the feed is introduced through a stationary pipe and accelarated to full rotational speed before entering the titanium-alloy bowl. In this system, centrifugal forces as great as 20 000g permit separation of even sub-micron particles. Compressed solids are periodically removed with a fully-automated sraping cycle. After the solids have been discharged, automated CIP / SIP cycles can be performed via the PLC-controlled operating sequence.

  • Designed for ease of operation, with sealed feed and drain lines allowing for aerosol-free operation,
  • No special tools required to disassemble the system
  • Integrated turnkey systems incorporating feed delivery options,
  • CIP and SIP skids
  • Temperature control
  • Closed-loop centrate pumping under vacuum are available
  • cGMP and CE requirements to meet chemical and pharmaceutical industry protocols.


Technical Specifications

Dimensions : 1524mm L x 1372mm W x 2439mm H
Weight : 2272,7 kg
Flow rates : 1700L / hour
Bowl volume : 36L
Solids space : 32L
Discharge (typical) : 5mn adjustable


centrifugatin séparation cellulaire gros columes avec la centrifugeuse P18 Powerfuge de neumaticScale
Séparation cellulaire bi-phase avec P6 de PneumaticScale
centrifugeuses powerfuge pour cellules sensibles au cisaillement Téléchargement


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