Equipements de production d'analyse et de contrôle pour les Biotechnologies CellD Equipments for production control and measurements for Biotechnologies





PowerFuge® is a scalable family of high-efficiency separation systems operating from 500 to 20 000g.

Five systems are available - Pilot, P6, P12, P18 and Pilot VP - operating with flow rates from 10 - 1700 liters per hour with solids capacity from 1 to 36 kg per cycle.


  • Higher product and drier solids recovery than other technologies, through more complete liquid / solid separation
  • True Clean®design, enabling cGMP compliance through sanitary design with integrated CIP / SIP software (P6, P12 and P18)
  • Closed system design allowing solids and supernatant to be recovered without breaking containment.
  • XP configuration is available in all models providing use with flammable solvent

Powerfuge Pilot /

The high productivity, batch liquid/solid separation system for bacteria, yeast, proteins and sub-micron particles with simple cleaning.

Product Overview

  • Time saving operation : Fast processing at a rate of up to 1L per minute means that you can accomplish more runs ina single day, which is especially useful for larger batch sizes. Eliminating the need for bottles, you can set up runs in less time with fewer manipulations.
  • Variable speed for your choice of separating power : The Pilot has been equipped with a variable-speed drive. users can select their desired flow rates of up to 60L/hour and RCF to 20 000g, providing the operational control necessary to optimize your process.
  • Fully transportable : no special or lengthy installation requirements like bolt-down. Compact system when compared to other products of similar capacities, which helps conserve valuable bench space.
  • A wide choices of temperatures : An integral cooling jacket helps maintain products temperatures from 2°C to 40°C. The jacket itself can withstand flow rates as high as 2L/minute and internal cooling temperatures as low as -10°C in order to provide the desired net process temperature.

Dimensions :

Centrifuge : 305 x 584 x 584mm, weight 150 Ibs
Control : 229 x 254 x 406mm, NEMA 4



Centrifugation cellulaire Powerfuge Pilot
Séparation centrifugation cellulaire avec la centrifugeuse Pilot Pneumaticscale
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