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Unifuge Pilot /

The Carr Centritech UniFuge Pilot is an excellent choice for both cell recovery or centrate clarification.

The UniFuge utilizes a gamma irradiated, single-use module that requires NO CIP and NO SIP. All process contact surfaces are easy to install and are 100% replaceable after each run. Low shear harvesting of mammalian and insect cells is possible, and minimal reduction in viability of recovered cells is achievable. Since the cells are not lysed, production of cell debris in the centrifuge is minimized. The UniFuge modules are readily tube welded to your single-use bioreactor connections or can be connected with the attached sanitary quick connect fittings.

  • Single-use disposable module
  • No CIP or SIP
  • Fully automated
  • High cell recovery rates
  • Mammalian and insect cell processing
  • Integrated cart
  • Intuitive software
  • Low shear processing
  • Minimal reduction in viability of recovered cells
  • Feed flow range: 0.1-4.0 L per minute
  • Process wetted parts: USP Class VI Polycarbonate
  • and USP Class VI Polyurethane Gamma Irradiated


Centrifugation séparation cellulaire dans module à usage unique avec la centrifugeuse Unifuge de PneumaticScale
Centrifugation séparation cellulaire avec module de recueillement à usage unique Centrifugeuse Unifuge de PneumaticScale
Centrifugeuse cellulaire avec module de récolte à usage unique Unifige de PneumaticScale
Système de centrifugation unique avec module de récolte cellulaire à usage unique Unifuge de PneumaticScale


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