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Pneumatic Scale systems provide powerfull liquid / solids automated separations which avoid process filtration requirements.

Two ranges are available :

  • PowerFuge®
  • ViaFuge®

The PowerFuge® range /

  • Provides effective liquid/solids automated separations with a 20 000 x g force for better performance
  • Benefits : Superior liquid clarity with drier cakes as the result, sub-micron clarification and classification
  • Exclusive True Clean™ design for CIP and SIP validation
  • Scalable solutions from 1,1L to 1700L/h

The ViaFuge® range /

  • Cell harvest Technology enabling gentle recovery with minimal or no damage for shear-sensitive cells such as mammalian, insects, plants (more than 99%)
  • Entirely automated processes
  • Scalable solutions (from 1,3 to 16,7L with flow rates from 0,1 - 4L to 5 - 40L/mn)

Viafuge Pilot /

  • Gentle cell harvesting and supernatant recovery
  • Scaleable design
  • Flexible optimization
  • Steam in place option (SIP)
  • Tabletop design
  • Simple operation

Pneumatic Scale's CARR Viafuge Pilot is designed for fast, gentle, small to medium-scale cell harvesting and supernatant recovery. Capable of separating a wide variety of mammalian and insect cells with little to no damage, the Viafuge Pilot offers intact cell recovery efficiencies in clarified supernatant.


Because the Viafuge Pilot is gentle to cells, damage is minimized from the start of the process. For supernatant recovery applications, filtration requirements downstream may be reduced. For cell harvesting applications, intact cell recovery will be increased.

  • Feed Flow range : 0,1 - 4 L/mn
  • Bowl capacity : 1,3 L
  • RCF range : 500 - 10.000 x g
  • RPM range : 2.420 - 10 832 rpm
  • Operation temperature range : 2 - 40°C in CE version
  • Maximum temperature for SIP : 134°C

With SIP : 840mm x 1000mm x 1080mm ; 123kg
Without SIP : 480mm x 850mm x 890mm ; 109kg
Controller : 660mm x 450mm x 720mm ; 17 kg


centrifugation séparation cellulaire sans cisaillement avec la Viafuge Pilot PneumaticScale
Centrifugeuse Viafuge Pilot pour récolte culture cellulaire PneumaticScale
Centrifugeuse pour cellules sensibles au cisaillement Viafuge Téléchargement


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