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Système automatisé de culture tissulaire Tisxell de Quinxell
Système de culture cellulaire et tissulaire sur matrice 3D pour biologie tissulaire de QuinXell



Cell and Tissue Culture Regeneration System TisXell, QuinXell

Quinxell’s novel TisXell Regeneration System offers a favourable environment for high growth and high proliferation of cell cultures compared to conventional methods.

The biaxial bioreactor controlled environment provides optimal nutrients and gases to growing cells and triggers cellular mechano-transduction signalling pathways to stimulate tissue remodelling onto a three dimensional (3D) scaffold.

Our integrated solution comprising TisXell Regeneration System and scaffolds addresses tissue engineering applications with unsurpassed performance especially for slow growing cells like bone cells, stem cells and primary cells.



Système de culture cellulaire et tissulaire avec mouvement bi-directionnel et matrices 3D de QuinXell
Technical Specifications
Spécificités techniques du système de culture cellulaire et tissulaire TisXell
Système pour culture cellules et tissus QuinXell



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