Equipements de production d'analyse et de contrôle pour les Biotechnologies



Transmetteurs et capteurs pH, UV, conductivité, turbidité, pH, O2 Wedgewood
All the Wedgewood Analytical Instruments are supplied by CellD and can be found on its website. Biomass, pH, O2, Conductivity sensors ...
For more than 30 years, Wedgewood Analytical has been the world leader of the liquid analysis instrumentation.
UV, PH, Conductivity and Temperature analysers, bubbles detectors.
Capteurs détection mousse contrôle niveau liquide
Anti-Foam Detection Systems reliable in all hard conditions, for industrial and pharma applications. Hycontrol
Unique and reliable solutions for foam detection and liquid level control carried out in laboratory and manufacturing processes. For more than 15 years, these systems have been considered as uncomparable.
Capteurs et extracteurs EXner
Exner Process Equipment possesses experiences within the field of liquid analysis for over 15 years and develops and produces high-quality armatures and control systems integrating process sensors of variable parameters such as pH/ORP, oxygen, conductivity and optical sensors into different industrial sectors such as water treatment, chemicals, power plant, food, pharmaceuticals and others.
broyeurs désintégrateurs de cellules Constant Systems
Cell disrupters : their unique disruption system is designed to control very high pressures, generated in ejecting sample through a constant diameter nozzle at very high velocity. No shear, no heat production, homogeneous debris size, no spray.
Centrifugation et perfusion avec les centrifugeuses Pneumatic Scale
Performative gentle continuous perfusion systems for cell culture. Micro-organisms and animal cells centrifugation systems providing forces up to 20 000g.
Réfractomètres systèmes de réfractométrie Liquid Solids Control LSC
Dissolved solids in-line measurement by refractometry for numerous applications in biotechnology, pulp and paper, food and beverage, petrochemical ...
Systèmes filtration et modules de fibres creuses adaptables pour filtration
Systèmes de filtration tangentielle et fibres creuses.
Vannes de prélèvements et poches à usage unique Vanasyl
Sampling valves with no dead volume and free maintenance operation.
Purificateurs d'air par ionisation Bioclimatic
Air purification and degermination systems for more than 30years. For private and busisness areas. Pattented ionisation technic to improve environmental air conditions.
Systèmes culture cellulaire QuinXcell SG

For regenerative medecine. A company from Singapour.

Systems that offer the best environment for high growth and high proliferation of cell cultures compared to conventional methods.

Accessories for biopharmaceuticals and laboratory processes like tubings, bottles and caps and welders and sealers : Cellon Located in Luxembourg, one of the competent companies in bottles, caps, PVC and EVA tubings and welders for sterile or non-sterile processes performed in Laboratory.
Level sensors for liqids and solids in industrial processes with Hycontrol Company located in United-Kingdom world well-known for measurement systems for solids and liquids levels in Industrial processes.
Time-lapse microscope for the follow up of your cellular culture, directly form you incubator : Cytonote by Iprasense in Belgium For a real-time monitoring of your cell culture, the time-lapse microscope Cytonote for live cell imaging and cell kinetic analyse. The first instrument able to perform this way.


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