Equipements de production d'analyse et de contrôle pour les Biotechnologies





Our support Service Department /

  • Checking of the equipment before delivery
  • Installation on site
  • Staff training on site

Support services :

  1. Recertification
  2. Recalibration
  3. Phone and email support regarding all technical requests

Support contracts :

A customized maintenance contract can be offered, depending on your equipment and the use frequency.

Please contact our technical service : techsupport@celld.com

A wide range of services /

Maintenance is offered for all transmitters and sensors in the field of Biomass, pH, conductivity, UV, bubles detection, solids measurement, tubidity, color measurement also for refractometers and sampling probes.

For any return, please contact previously our support service. An RMA number will be affected to your equipment. You will indicate it on the delivery note of your parcel. Please do not forget the serial number !

For any request, please contact Robin. He will be pleased to help you.

Let's have an idea !

Think about the EasyCal system for your UV sensor : it provides an easy and stable initial calibration and needs only an annual maintenance according to the FDA recomandations. Then, only a recertification will be necessary !


The Constant Systems Cell Disrupters

This range of products has been the first one to be supplied and followed up by CellD. Since 1994, our technical staff has been re-qualified by Constant Systems every year to proceed to the maintenance on their systems.

However, your cell disrupter will need an annual maintenance to insure the best performance. Robin will be able to offer you the customized contract which suits to your equipment.





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