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Analyseurs de gaz Tandem Magellan O2 et CO2



The Tandem is now the affordable industry standard for dedicated exhaust gas analysis, for all lab, pilot and production applications.

The Tandem gas analyser offers you sophisticated CO2 and O2 gas measurement at a similar price to your other standard probes and sensors. Formerly the reserve of expensive equipment, you can now afford dedicated, individual, on-line monitoring and control of your processes. You gain the reliability and the flexibility required in your facility. At a time of squeezed capital budgets, the Tandem fits your needs.

Analyseur gaz O2 CO2 Tandem TGA, entrée de gamme, faible encombrement. Magellan

Tandem TGA

The standard model without any local display, requires an external PC or control system to display and calibrate the dual 4-20mA outputs

TGA-30-10 Ranges O2 0-30%, CO2 0-10%

Analyseur gaz O2 CO2 pour installation réacteurs multiples, connexion 6 à 12 fermenteurs en même temps. Tandem Multiplex MAGELLAN.


The Multiplexed models have a local display, calibration functions, error reporting and selectable line control with an RS 232 output for integration to control systems.

Analyseur gaz O2 CO2 tandem PRO de MAGELLAN pour roduction avec écran et microprocesseur.

Tandem PRO

The PRO Model with a local display, calibration functions and error reporting with dual 4-20mA outputs and an RS232 output for integrations to control systems.

PRO-30-10 Ranges O2 0-30%, CO 0-10%


  • Economic Under €$4000 for 2 gases. A similar price as other standard sensors. No valves or switching equipment necessary - the Tandem plugs into your existing instrumentation extension.
  • Flexible installations Avoids large capital outlays for multiple fermentation suites, unlike mass spectrometers. Allows small facilities to have good analysis equipment. Can be used as a backup to existing mass spectrometer installations also.
  • Continuous Signal Allows continuous feedback control (no gaps), greater analysis of process activity, faster process development and optimisation. It can be used as a dedicated measurement device for reliable control.
  • Metabolic Feeding Allows real time calculation of variables such as CER & RQ. It is invaluable in a fed batch system where, for example, its output can be linked to control a feed pump.
  • Dedicated Measurement Ensures reliable and reproducible results on every fermenter. Never lose information on other processes - unlike with a multiplexed system. Slight changes in growth rate or small anomalies are often missed with a mass spectrometer or a DO probe.
  • Maintenance free No on-site servicing required. Regular two-point re-calibrations recommended. “New for old” policy while in guarantee period. Annual extension of this guarantee for life.


Analyseur de gaz O2 et CO2 Tandem pour une meilleure fermentation
Technical Specifications
Analyseur de gaz O2 et CO2 Tandem. Spécifications techniques
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