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The sampling Vanasyl valve with no dead volume ensures maintenance free operation.



1/ Sterilisation stage (Forward position)
With the handle fully forward (toward the vessel) the front seal (A), which seals the vessel, is flush with the front of the sampling valve eliminating dead space.
Steam enters the valve via the inlet, flows between the two seals and exists via the condensate/sample outlet.
The Vanasyl sampling valve should always be left in this position when not in use.


2/ Shut off stage (Mid-position)
Before taking a sample the valve's handle is pulled back (toward the operator). It will automatically lock in the mid-position.
In the mid-position, the front seal closes the outlet line, stopping the steam flow while the vessel remains shut.
At this stage, while allowing the valve to cool down, the outlet line could be switched from condensate to sample.
Condensate will accumulate between the seals.


3/ Sampling stage (Rear position)
After lifting the valve handling, which will unlock it from the mid-position, it should be pulled back to the rearmost position.
The front seal moves from the outlet line allowing the sample from process to flow through the outlet line into a suitable conainer (bottle, etc.).
Having taken the sample, the handle should be returned to the mid-position, and the condensate line reattached if required. The valve handle should then be brought to the steam sterilising position.
The accumulated condensate flushes the valve outlet line and the sterilisation stage begins (1 above).

For a complete sterile process, see the Vanasyl single-use bags


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