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New ! The SmartFoam for Sewage Treatment Plants !

Featuring the same advanced technology than other Charis Technology facilities , the new Smartfoam sensor has been specifically designed and tailored to meet the specific requirements of wastewater treatment. The choice of materials, stainless steel, Teflon and polycarbonate for the ruggedness, the controller integrated into the sensor head for greater flexibility and lower installation cost : all these details are a major step technique that perfectly meets the mechanical constraints of installations in sewage treatment plants.


Capteur détection anti mousse pour le traitement des eaux usées


Standard off the shelf item with 3 available lengths -0,6m, 1m et 1,5m (other lengths on request , quotation after sutdy for customized projects).

Integrated controller in the head of the sensor, encapsulated into a module.

Low cost for performative technology.

Easy and low cost to install

Easy to set up

Interfaces directly to a PLC via a dry contact or a 240V output.

Alarm contact Fail Safe Mode : will move to open position dry contact "presence of foam," to attract attention, if any, on a connection problem or a problem any other occurrence.

Without positive false even extremely fouled. Immune to fouling.

Long life

User functions

Adjustable sensitivity

Slow/Fast response




Capteur de détection mousse sur site industriel infaillible Charis Technology
Vidéos - Pattented Foam Detection System by Charis Technology
Capteur détecteur anti-mousse sur site industriel de Charis Technology
Capteur de détection mousse sur site eaux usées ou industriels Smartoam de Charis Technology



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