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Traitement de l'eau mesures d'oxygène dissous avec Wedgewood Analytical
conductivity measurement with OLS21 electrode

OLS21 3/4 inch PES body

Medium range

Two-electrode sensor for medium to high conductivity measurements from 10μS to 20mS/cm

  • Cell constant k = 1/cm
  • PES body offers high chemical resistance and mechanical stability
  • Pt100 RTD temperature compensator
  • Choice of 1" NPT or 2" Tri-Clamp process connection offers numerous industrial mounting options
  • Each electrode is factory serialized and performance tested

For use in a variety of applications such as:

  • Phase separation of low conductivity solutions (milk / water)
  • Phase separation of high conductivity solutions (alkaline solution / water)
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Plant effluent treatment


Capteur OLS16 pour traitement des eaux




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