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Traitement de l'eau mesures d'oxygène dissous avec Wedgewood Analytical
mesure de turbidimétrie avec le capteur OUS41 et le transmetteur 670 pour applications eaux usees

Wedgewood Analytical OUS41 side scatter probe /

Optical sensor for turbidity and suspended solids content measurement for installation in open pipes and vessels

  • Measuring range from 0.01 FNU/NTU to 100 g/l (from completely clear to completely black) 
  • Scratch-proof sapphire windows 
  • Compact, shock-proof design 
  • Sensors are factory calibrated with formazine standard and silicon dioxide (SiO2) 
  • "Plug and play" operation minimizes start-up time 
  • 3-Point calibration and 1-point adjustment
  • Store up to 7 different calibration data records
  • Nephelometric 90° scattered light method with 880nm
  • NIR measuring frequency according to ISO 7027 / EN 27027
  • Optional integrated wiper for mechanical cleaning 
  • Inclined sensor surface inclined design uses flow stream for self-cleaning / bubble rejection 
  • Operates with Model 870/872 turbidity analyzer as part of a complete measurement loop 
  • "Smart" sensor includes a built-in microprocessor 
  • Remote set-up capability makes it portable between different analyzers
  • For use in a variety of applications such as monitoring plant effluent stream
Capteur OLS16 pour traitement des eaux


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