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Sanitary probe BT65 & BT65S /


Optical insertion probe designed for use with the Model 950 / 653 absorbance monitor to monitor cellmass in bacterial fermentation and mammalian cell culture applications.

  • Accuratly tracks cell mass with optical density measurement
  • Multiple path lengths available for measurement optimization (5mm path lentgh for microbial fermentation and 20mm path lentgh for mammalian cell culture)
  • Low voltage incandescent lamp provides long dependable life
  • CIP, SIP and scratch resistant sapphire optical windows withstand the harshest of conditions
  • Ultra-hygienic, CIP, SIP resilient flow cell design available with material finish of 16µinch (0.4µm) Ra
  • Simple calibration to traceable standard with unique slide-on calibration filter set
  • Available in several lentghs to accomodate any depth and tank fitting requirement
  • variety of monting styles available to fit most popular tank port fittings. Double aseptic seal arrangements available
  • Fully autoclaveable with supplied connector cap in place


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