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Mesure de biomasse conductivité turbidité avec le Memograph CVM40

The Memograph CVM40 /

The graphic transmitter for inline photometers and data manager Memograph CVM40 provides information on all photometric process variables. It can operate up to two photometric sensors for UV absorption, color, NIR absorbance, turbidity and cell growth. Values are correctly measured, analyzed, and recorded. Memograph CVM40 boasts a modular design, intuitive operation and a comprehensive security concept.

Your benefits

  • Accurate:
    Memograph CVM40 provides precise measured values under any condition.
  • Comprehensive:
    Up to 4 optical channels for operation of max. 2 photometric sensors, 2 universal analog channels support combined multiparameter measurement or recording.
  • Convenient:
    Menu-guided calibration of photometric sensors.
    Maintenance and service cycle reminders will pop up and be logged in device history.
  • Secure:
    Security package with person-specific access authorization and electronic signature (FDA 21 CFR 11).
  • Flexible:
    Suitable for all photometric sensors for UV, color, NIR, turbidity or cell growth measurement.
  • Limitless:
    Integrated Web server, fieldbus (PROFIBUS, Modbus), common standard protocols and interfaces such as USB, TCP/IP, OPC and Ethernet are supported.

Fields of Application

  • Life science and pharmaceutical industry
  • Foodstuff technology
  • Process measuring technology
  • Environmental applications


Spécifications techniques


Measuring Principle
UV photometric
Transmitter for in-line photometers and data manager
Measurement Range
0-2,5 AU for Absorption 0-500 FTU or ppm for scattered light
Panneau avant IP65 (NEMA 4) ; panneau arrière IP20




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