Equipements de production d'analyse et de contrôle pour les Biotechnologies CellD Equipments for production control and measurements for Biotechnologies




Wedgewood Conductivity Monitor used with either the Model B607 or the Model B605 pH / conductivity sensor to measure the conductivity and temperature of process liquids

  • Choice of two conductivity scale ranges with remote range selection capability
  • Current and voltage outputs for conductivity and temperature
  • Programmed temperature compensation curves for NaCI and KCI
  • Four-electrode conductivity sensor input for enhanced measurement range
  • Accepts Pt 1000 RTD to improve accuracy (alpha constant = 0.00375)
  • Ideally suited for chromatography applications in the biopharmaceutical industry
  • Type 4 DIN plug in unit 3U x 14HP x 160mm deep (2.8 W x 5.1"H x 6.7"D) conserves space and simplifies mounting



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