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A wide range of pH/redox Electrodes for specific Application Needs

  • Patented Plunger pH electrodes design permitts 360° mounting and withstands temperature shock from -5 to 150°C (from 23 to 302°F)
  • Patented Porous PTFE liquid junctions provide a chemicaly inert, non-fouling, low impedence reference cell
  • Proprietary pH glass formulations meet demanding applications requiring steam sterilization, measurements at low temperatures, high pH ranges or HF neutralization
  • Re-positioning the temperature compensator in the pH bulb improves temperature response and accuracy for temperature display
  • User friendly designs permit insertion, submersion or flow through installations with standard, off-the-shelf NPT plumbing fittings
  • Integral self powered unity gain and diffrencial preamplifiers provide a noise free pH signal output to most pocess analysers and transmitters
  • Solution ground is available for analysers and transmitters featuring pH glass and reference cell diagnostics or differential input preamplifiers
  • pH sensors are also available to solve ground loop problems typically found in plating baths or other tank applications

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