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sonde-opa475-mesure ph

OPA475 sanitary retractable

Allows online retractation of 12mm diameter sensors from sanitary tanks and pipes

  • Allows quick and easy removal of probes from sanitary process without compromising sterility. Once retracted, 2 rinse connection ports allow cleaning, calibration and sterilization of the probe while in the retraction chamber
  • Manual and automatic units available (manual units include a retraction interlock key to ensure the probe is properly retracted before servicing)
  • Automatic units are pneumatically operated and have optional feedback switches that relay position information to a control system
  • Fits standard 12mm x 120mm gel filled probes, 12mm x 225mm liquid electrolyte filled probes and 12mm x 120mm Polarographic DO sensors
  • Variety of process connection styles available : 25mm union cap nut, 2" Tri-clamp, and Varivent
  • Process contact parts made of FDA approved materials (316L stainless steel and EPDM or Viton)
  • 3A compliant and EHEDG certified for use in hygienic process applications


docs sur mesure de Ph electrodes et transmetteurs


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