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AF11 single beam probe / Suspended solids

Submersile optical sensor used with a model 910 single beam photometer for measuring suspended solids concentration in open tanks and basins.

  • Submersile optical sensor design ideal for applications in open tanks and basins
  • Two path lentghs available (5mm and 10mm)
  • Low voltage incandescent lamp provides long dependable life
  • Constructed with non-corroding stainless steel body and fouling resistant Teflon sensing head
  • Agressive environment option available with Teflon coated body and cable
  • Standard version operating temperature range 0-100°C (32-212°F)
  • Broadband optical sensing includes solids and color for apparent color measurements
  • NIR only optical sensing version eliminates color related absorbance contribution for true TSS measurement
  • Fixed low noise cable with lengths to 90m (300 feet)
  • Sensor can be field serviced with ease
  • Sensor can be installed by suspension or with fixed tube attachment

Typical applications :
Plant effluent, aggregate plants, coal mines, quarries, sand pits


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