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Low Turbidity TF10 Sensor /

Flow through scattered light sensor used with a Model 670 Analyser for measuring low levels of non-dissolved solids, emulsions ans immiscible fluids in process liquids.

  • Accuratly measures low level particulates up to the equivalent of 200ppm SiO2 using scattered light detection at 11° from excitation beam
  • Pyrec optics deliver accurate and reproducible performance under harsh industrial conditions. Quartz and Sapphire optional
  • Low voltage incandescent lamp provides long dependable life
  • Can be fitted with visible light blocking filters to minimize color related measurement errors
  • Wide variety of process connections and line sizes available
  • Ultra-hygienic, CIP and SIP resilient flow cell design available with material finish of 16µ inch (0.4µm) Ra
  • Air purge ports available for preventing condensate buildup on optical windows
  • FM and ATEX approved explosion proof lamps for hazardous area applications
  • All sensors are pre-tested at the factory and can be supplied with full certification package

Docs sur mesure de turbidité cellule TF10


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