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 Ultraviolet Analyzer Model 662 /

The Model 662 UV analyzer is used with either a Model AF44 or AF45 single channel, or Model AF46 dual channel UV sensor to measure the spectral absorbance of process liquids in the UV region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

  • Ideal for OEM applications (small sizes)
  • 5 selectable full scale ranges allow for UV absorbance measurements up to 50 AU/OD units. Actual range dependant on pathlength.
  • Remotely accessible range selection and auto zero function
  • One 4-20mA analog output
  • Volt free alarm output contact is suitable for direct connection to a PLC or inclusion in a control scheme
  • Lamp fail indication and relay output
Type 4 DIN plug in unit 3U x 14HP x 160mm deep (2.8"W x 5.1"H x 6.7"D) conserves space and simplifies mounting.


Docs sur mesure UV transmetteurs et capteurs



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