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 Ultraviolet Analyzer Model 762 /

The Model 762 UV Monitor with the AF4X UV Inline Sensor measures the spectral absorbance of liquids flowing in a sample chamber.  It can be used with either a AF44 sensor, a AF45 or a dual wavelength AF46 sensor. The sample chamber's optical pathlength is determined by the window selected and the line size of the sensor.  The wavelength of the measurement is controlled by the lamp and optical filter chosen.  The AF44 sensor incorporates a DC-AC power supply that is integrated with the UV lamp reflector and reference detector.  A Low Pressure Hg lamp was designed specifically for use with the AF44 Inline sensor.

This analyser is designed to be integrated in an entirely automated and remote controlled process.


Data Specifications



±2% (±1% typical)


±1% of  range


± 0.5%

Auto Zero Range

90% of full range

Auto Zero Repeatability

±0.1% of highest range decreasing to ±2.5% of lowest range

Signal Outputs

Lamp Fail Relay Contact N.O., 1A 115VAC resistive load
4-20mA Tracking to Range Selected (0-400 ohm load)
0-2VDC,  tracking to maximum range, 10,000 ohm load min.


115/230 VAC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz, 14VA, (Optional 20-28Vdc, 12 W)

Operating Environment

Temperature; 0-55 oC Humidity ; 0-90% RH, Non-condensing


74MM (2.91") H , 119 MM (4.69") D, 100MM (3.94") W


35 mm DIN Rail


Module less than 2 kilogram


Docs sur mesure UV transmetteurs et capteurs


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