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Model 960 UV analyser /

The Model 960 is microprocessor based and used with either a Model AF44 or AF45 online sensor to measure the spectral absorbance of process liquids in the UV region of the electromagnetic.

  • Measures UV absorbance up to 50 AU/OD units
  • 4 X 20 character alphanumeric display and 6 button input for simple navigation
  • Two 4-20mA analog outputs
  • User-friendly menu based calibration: liquid free calibration using the EasyCal™ system and wet calibration using prepared liquid standards
  • Four configurable digital inputs and three optically isolated digital outputs can be connected to a PLC for inclusion in a control scheme
  • Built-in diagnostics to report any system errors or alarms, including sensor failures, open cable and internal processor exceptions
  • Lamp illumination timer for preventative maintenance and lamp life determination
  • Baseline and baseline shift functions allow operator to manually set artificial zero point
  • Advanced log amp provides improved response characteristics

Front panel environmental protection level is rated at NEMA 4/IP65 - optional NEMA 4/IP65 field mount enclosures available.


Docs sur mesure UV transmetteurs et capteurs
Analyser 960 for UV processing in purification step


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