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The AF46 dual wavelength sensor /

Flow through optical sensor for measuring the spectral absorbance of process liquids simultaneously at two specific wavelengths in the ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

  • Accurately measures UV absorbance up to 50 OD (dependent upon sensor optical pathlength)
  • Configurable to measure UV absorbance at any two of many discrete wavelengths between 254nm and 365nm
  • Fire polished quartz windows deliver repeatable performance under harsh process conditions.
  • FDA and USP acceptable seal materials available for pharmaceutical applications
  • Patented low-pressure mercury vapor gas discharge UV light source provides long life and stable operation
  • Dedicated reference detector channels compensate for lamp decay drift
  • Measurement detector housing accommodates reference rod for checking sensor functionality and calibration status
  • Wide variety of process connections and line sizes available
  • Ultra-hygienic, CIP and SIP resilient flow cell design available with material finish of 16μinch (0.4μm) Ra
  • Air purge ports available for preventing condensate buildup on optical windows
  • Patented window wiping system option eliminates process buildup on optical windows
  • FM and ATEX approved explosion proof lamps for hazardous area applications
All sensors are pre-tested at the factory and can be supplied with full certification package


Docs sur mesure UV transmetteurs et capteurs


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