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Système Easycal pour calibration ultra-fiable pour capteur UV

EasyCal™ and AutoCal calibration system /

Patented NIST traceable systems for online calibration of Wedgewood UV and solids flow through sensors.

  • Most accurate liquid free method of calibration or calibration confirmation on the market
  • Installs directly on sensor for "hassle free" on-line operation
  • Eliminates need for time consuming calibrations with toxic liquid standards
  • Two NIST traceable, Inconel™ coated Quartz neutral density filters provide two distinct calibration points for unprecedented accuracy and reproducibility 
  • EasyCal™ systems with pathlengths of less than 5 mm require a precision optical pathlength (POPL) adjuster. The POPL used in conjunction with adjustable window rings precisely sets the pathlength for use with EasyCal™
  • Numerous wavelength options available to suit every application
  • Easily retrofits to any existing Wedgewood Model AF42, AF44, and AF45 UV Sensor.
  • Can also retrofit to Wedgewood Model AF10 Solids Sensor.
  • Filters are calibrated at the factory and delivered with detailed certifications for validated process compliance 
The AutoCal system enables remote calibration through pneumatic filter actuation. Ideal for hazardous areas or situations where the sensor is installed distant from the analyzer


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