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One Shot Machine
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Feuille de spécification - feuille-specification-one-shot
Feuille de spécifications 2015 - Spécifications One Shot Machine broyeur cellulaire pour batch faibles volumes.

Feuille de spécification - broyeur-series-b-c-constant-system-ltd
Modèle console - Feuille de spécification - broyeur-series-ts-modele-console-constant-system
Modèle paillasse - Feuille de spécifications 2015 - Spécifications du TS broyeur cellulaire en continu pour gros volumes.
Modèle console - Feuille de spécifications 2015 - Modèle TS console pour broyage des cellules en continu.


Pressions de broyages recommandées pour les micro-organismes - Table - Pressions de broyage pour les micro-organismes
Guide de pressions pour l'utilisation de la gamme des broyeurs cellulaires Constant Systems 2015 - Guide de pressions pour l'utilisation des boryeurs cellulaires de la gamme Constant Systems

Tête d'adaptation One Shot - Adaptateur One Shot pour broyeurs de cellules Constant system


Publications / Publications des applications expériences ayant utilisé les broyeurs de cellules Constant Systems : algues, microorganismes, cellules animales, végétales, insectes, plantes, champignons...

Tissus humains et animaux

CSL 529 Extraction d'adenovirus de cellules de reins
CSL 522 Préparation de membranes SHT2C de CHO
CSL 513 Isolation de compartiment intracellulaire

An Optimzed Labelling for ICAT Quantification of Membrane Proteins
Auteurs : Ramus Claire, Gonzalez de Peredo Anne, Dahout Cécile, Gallagher Maighread, Garin Jérôme

cellules cancereuses Hela


Cassage cellulaire : bactéries

E coli Lysis under Different Pressures, Concentrations, Passes - test 2015
Lysis of S. Cerevisiae - 2015
Percentage lysis of S. Cerevisiae OS vs BT. 2015
Comparison of Cell Disruptor with French Press (E coli, Yeast) Etude 2015

CellD1 L bulgaricus Inra - Identification of stress-inducible proteins in Lactobacillus ... - En Mong Lim, ... INRA 78 Jouy
CellD2 L d bulgaricus Inra.pdf - Identification de protéines de stress chez Lactobacillus delbruekii bulgaricus par electrophérèse bidimensionnelle - Eng Mong Lim, ... INRA 78 Jouy
CellD3 L lactis Inra.pdf - Proteomic signature of Lactoccocus Lactis NCDO763 cultivated in milk - Christophe Gitton, Michael Mérand ... INRA 78 Jouy
CellD4 Bact Type Coccus Universite Exeter.pdf - Demo on Basic Z model - Mike Willis - University of Exeter
CellD 5 E coli.pdf - The C-terminal Half of the Colicin A pore-forming Domain is active in vivo and in vitro - Angèle Nardi, Stephen L. Slatin ... CNRS Marseille
CSL 530 gliding bacteria.pdf - Résultats sur des gliding Bacteria - Ait Abdekader
CSL 531 S thermophilus & bulgaricus et bifidobacterium.pdf - Résultats de cassage sur différentes souches
CSL 534 E coli.pdf - Results from tests with Cell Disrupter - Gitte Johnsen
CSL 538 P freudenreichii.pdf - Essais de cassage sur Propionibacterium - INRA Rennes
CSL 540 C glutamicum.pdf - Résultats obtenus avec un One Shot Machine - Frédéric Jorand - LCPE Vandoeuvre les Nancy
CSL 541archéobactéries.pdf - Broyage sur des souches d'archeriobactéries - Dr Francis Duchiron Université de Reims
CSL 548 cyanobactéries.pdf - Expérience de cassage de Cyanobactéries de 3 souches différentes - Dr Jean-Claude Baccou
CSL 554 Nocardia Sacharromyces et E coli.pdf - Test de production de protéines
CSL 556.pdf - The NuoI subunit of the Rhodobacter capsulatus respiratory Complex 1 ... is required for proper assembly of the membraneous and peripheral domains of the enzyme ...
CSL 562 E coli.pdf - Report on cell disruption of E. coli on One Shot Machine - Martin Read and John Hide - University Manchester
CSL 572 C anabaena.pdf - Résultats de cassage des cyanobactéries Anabaena
CSL R10Z Liverpool.pdf - Comparison ATPase stimulation of two preparations of Sec18p by Sec17p - William Honmell et Alan Morgan
CSL 116 E.Coli Oxford.pdf - The effect of pressure on the cell disruption of E. coli cells expressing protein X - Dr Narinder Sanghera
CSL 504 E coli.pdf - Rapport de thèse : expériences de cassage sur E. coli avec différents broyeurs dont le One Shot - Rudy Hallez -
CSL 508 E coli.pdf - Spectroscopic studies of the iron-storage protein bacterioferritine from E. coli - Dr Nick E. Lebrun - UEA
CSL 509 E coli.pdf - ARNO3, a Sec7-domain guanine nucleotide exchange factor for ADP ribosylation factor 1, is involved in the control of Golki structure and function - Michel Franco ...Université Marseille Luminy
CSL 510 E coli.pdf - The use of the Basic Z for the breakage of high cell density E. coli fermentation - Dominic Reeks, Ian Harison, Allistair Henry - CellTeck
CSL 512 R erythropolis.pdf - Université Edinbourgh
CSL 516 B subtilis.pdf - Résultats de cassage sur Bacillus subtilis - René Studer - IGBM Suisse
CSL 517 - Extraction corps d'inclusion.pdf - Dr Paul Ramage - Novartis
CSL 519 L bulgaricus.pdf - Cassage de Lactobacillus bulgaricus - En Mong Lim - INRA Jouy
CSL 523 M smegmatis.pdf - Disruption of Mycobacterium Smegmatis - Robin Jones - Central Veterinary Laboratory
CSL 524 E coli.pdf - Demonstration of the One Shot cell disrupter to disrupt E. Coli - M. Sojka - Central Veterinary Laboratory
CSL 525 bactéries.pdf - Amplification of 16S Ribosomal RNA Genes from Aerobiological samples after Cell Lysis ... - Dr Alan Beswick, School of Biological Sciences
CSL 528 Neisseria species & B catarrhalis.pdf -

Multiple functions for the C Terminus of the PsaD ...
Auteurs :
Bernard Lagoutte, Jonathan Hanley and Hervé Bottin

High sensitivity of human centrin 2 toward radiolytical oxidation: C-terminal tyrosinyl residue as the main target
Auteurs : Yves Blouquit a,b, Patricia Duchambon a,b, Emilie Brun c, Sergio Marco a,b, Filippo Rusconi d,e,f, Cécile Sicard-Roselli c.

CellD 6
Auteurs : Lameignere E, Shiao TC, Roy R, Wimmerova M, Dubreuil F, Varrot A,
Imberty A.
*Structural basis of the affinity for oligomannosides and analogs displayed by BC2L-A, a /Burkholderia cenocepacia/ soluble lectin.* /Glycobiology/ 2010, *20*(1):87-98.

CellD 7
Auteurs : Lameignere E, Malinovska L, Slavikova M, Duchaud E, Mitchell EP,
Varrot A, Sedo O, Imberty A, Wimmerova M:
*Structural basis for mannose recognition by a lectin from opportunistic bacteria Burkholderia cenocepacia*. /Biochem J /2008, *411*(2):307-31

CellD 8
Auteurs : Blanchard B, Nurisso A, Hollville E, Tetaud C, Wiels J, Pokorna M,
Wimmerova M, Varrot A, Imberty A:
*Structural Basis of the Preferential Binding for Globo-Series Glycosphingolipids Displayed by Pseudomonas aeruginosa Lectin I*. /J Mol Biol /2008, *383(4/)/*:837-853

Cassage cellulaire : algues

CSL 503 H Ostearia

Cassage cellulaire : plantes

CSL 536 ADN fraises
CSL 564 Cell tabac

Cassage cellulaire : levures

Phosphorylation of the CDC42 Exchange Factor ... Marie-Pierre Gulli ...
CellD 7 Anglais LBME CNRS 31 Nucleic acids research S. cerevisiae
CellD 8 Anglais
High pressure cell disruption of 6 common yeast species - G. Coss and Co
Disruption of baker's yeast using a disrupter of simple and novel geometry - R.W. Lowitt and Co
CSL 567 University Swansea Candida, Kluyveromyces, Pichia, Saccharomyces
Nhp2p and Nop10p are essential for the function of H/ACA SnoRNPS - Anthony Henras ...- .pdf
CSL 547 IGBMC P pastoris - Florence Zinc
The role of the Schyzosaccharomices pombe gar2 protein in nucleolar Structure and Function depends on the Concerted Action of its highly Charged N Terminus and its RNA-binding domains - Hélène Sicard ....pdf
An investigation of the Disruption of the Microorganisms Using a new type of Cell Homogenizer - Sarah Collins...
Extraction d'une enzyme intracellulaire, la transcétolase - Laurence Hecquet.
Essai de broyage de levure de boulanger
Orifice Size relating to cell disruption efficiency across a range of commercially important micro-organisms. Report 2
8/6/99 Dr Nigel Price, Cell Biochemistry Group, Hannah Research institute
Yeast Mitochondrial ADP/ATP carriers are monomeric in detergents
Projection Structure of the Actractyloside-inhibited Mitochondrial ADP/ATP Carrier of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae - Edmund R.S. Kunji and Marilyn Harding

Transporteurs mitochondriaux ADP/ATP chez la levure S. cerevisiae

Cassage cellulaire : champignons

Microbiological transformations, 38. Clues to the envolvement of a General Acid Activation during Hydrolysis of Para-substituted Styrene Oxides by a soluble Epoxide Hydrolase from Syncephalastrum rasemosum
Comparison of Constant System disruptor and Braun homogeniser used to disrupt fermentation samples Penicilium Chrysogenum
Microbiological Transformation 43. ... - M. Cleiji ...
CSL 544 Aspergillus
Constant system's cell disrupter used to disrupt Aspergillus Flavus


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