Equipements de production d'analyse et de contrôle pour les Biotechnologies





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We equip cytocultors, bioreactors or vessels with online sensors for :

  • Biomass OD or capacitive measurement
  • Efficient foam control even in the presence of severe fouling
  • Liquid level sensing
  • Wide range conductivity or refractometry measurement

All these sensors are cleanable and sterilizable in place. They are therefore hygienic and may be supplied with material certificates (3.1B according to EN 10204). We have also selected a long-lasting performance sampling valve without dead volume or maintenance.
We made a selection from among off-line measurement equipements, with essential and unrivalled characteristics insuring the safe monitoring of your process.

  • Gaz controller
  • Chemical parameters analyser
  • Femtosecond Laser Microdissector and nanodissector in the NIR
  • Single-use fermenters and cytocultors
  • Tissue and cell incubator

Do not hesitate to contact us if any requirements.


Système de culture cellulaire et tissulaire TisXell de QuinXell Analyseur de gaz O2 et CO2 Tandem Pro de Magellan


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